“A good shepherd cares about his sheep”

In which, we are sheeple and were Jesus alive, he'd be a cop.

I am your shepherd—to guide and shield you. [...] I have designed you to walk through this perilous world in dependence on Me. [...] I prepare the path you will follow. Even when you walk through the darkest valley, you need not be afraid.

Jesus is guiding and shielding, but also has us walking into danger. Good shepherds don't guide their sheep through the darkest valley. It's a very mixed metaphor that casts humans as stupid animals and Jesus as an incompetent. If the New Testament were written today, Jesus would be a cop.

Cops are surrounded by self-interested supporters. Popular beliefs about them are informed by fictionalized accounts. If you disobey, then your life will become hell. They oversell the dangers of our (perilous) world and claim that they are the only solution. Cops make unsubstantiated claims about their efficacy.

What similarities exist do so because of two converging trends: Cop apologists deifying the incoherent violence of the state and Jesus supporters distorting his message into a system for authoritarian social control and economic grift.

Power is an unmatched force for corruption. Few Christians (or cop-lovers) are doing the crucial work of analyzing the power structures and historical realities of their faith.

Abolish cops, prisons, and Christian fascists.