I was Jesuit educated, but I don't have a significant belief in any higher powers.

My sister sent me Jesus Always: Embracing Joy in His Presence a book by Sarah Young. She connected to this book and hopes that it will lead me to God. I am, as always, skeptical.

As an anarchist [communalist], I'm generally about fighting “higher powers”. There's a history of hierarchical, religious organizations being harmful to the people. Holding spiritual beliefs and sharing them in a consensual community setting with other like-minded people is a personal freedom that I support.

The book has a page for everyday of the year. Each day, the author picks one or more quotes from the bible. The author then synthesizes these passages into a monologue given in voice of God/Jesus to the reader. I would balk at putting words into God's mouth, but Sarah Young has no trouble doing so.

The title of each post is usually the most cringe quote in that day's reading.

I am subjecting myself to this book to humour my sister. My goal is to read and comment on each page as respectfully as is possible.

You should not buy this book. It's bad.