“I will help you discern whether you need to work to change the situation or simply accept it.”

In which, you can do the work, or not... but Jesus won't intervene.

Today's reading is a Jesus-y repackaging of “look for the silver lining”. Where the silver lining we should seek is “My [Jesus'] Face”.

There's the, by now, usual advice: “talk with Me”, saying “I can still rejoice in you, Jesus”, or “expressing your confidence in Me [Jesus]“... all this “prepares you to handle the difficulties awaiting you”.

Jesus can't seem to do things directly. All the good feels are solely between one's ears. Jesus can convince you do things, or convince you not to do things... ultimately you'll be doing all the work. This seems somewhat identical to the situation where Jesus isn't looking out for you (minus all the “joy”, presumably).

Humans have been meditating, doing daily affirmations, yoga, dancing and singing for peace and clarity for millennia. It's the core of all the main religions: Christians chant, sing and talk to their God. Hare Krishna chant, Buddhists meditate, Muslims pray in well-defined ways that are chant like (and also have Nasheeds), nearly every one gets carried away by their favourite music...

All these religions offer similar benefits (joy, peace, clarity) and operate in similar ways. The simplest explanation is that are similar because they all have their root in human brain, rather than in the dozens of spiritual realms described by the various tribes of humanity.