“Invite Me to permeate your moments”

In which, you shouldn't dwell on annoying people, just use that time to dwell on Jesus instead.

Whenever you're around someone who irritates you, don't focus on that person's flaws. Instead, gaze at Me ... Judging other people is a sinful snare.

Humans are frustrating; coping strategies can help. Sarah Young has repurposed “think of the Queen” technique for non-reproductive problems. It's not supported by the biblical citations, but it might be effective in some circumstances. The place to which I disassociate doesn't currently feature Jesus, but for a person so inclined? Seems harmless.

There is a lot of detail about how often (“create a permanent place for Me in your mind”) and the benefits (“the more you focus on me, the more I can strengthen you”). Mostly this is filler. These aren't supported by the citations either.

... the closer to Me you live, the stronger and more joyful you will be.

If I were writing a pop-psychology book in the voice of God, I'd run it past a mental health professional. Becoming entirely co-dependent on Jesus as a strategy may not work out. When in crisis, a person may not feel strong, joyful or close to God. I wouldn't expect it from a Christian devotional book, but let's build some bridges to mainstream mental health resources Sarah! A diversity of tactics would likely serve the reader better than just this (non-biblical) one.

1.5★ out of 5; Focusing on Jesus instead of judging people is milquetoast pop-psychology, but I'm less annoyed than usual after reading this one.