“It [My Love] has an eternal grip on you”

In which, I'm never gonna' give you up, never gonna' let you down. Never gonna' run around and desert you.

Today's reading is about how constant and unbreakable Jesus' love for us is:

My love will never let you go! .. My love is a promise that will never be broken. ... My unfailing Love for you will not be shaken. ... My love is unshakable

Sarah Young forgets to mention that this love is shakable, breakable, failing, and that his love would let you rot in hell. Jesus loves you, but only on the condition that you “accept him into your heart”.

What if a parent didn't intervene physically when it was possible and easy save their child from torture? We'd all say they were a shitty parent, even if the they claimed to love their child. Why don't we say the same for our Gods?

It's always Jesus that has all the power, but we humans must make all the effort. Just to learn about Jesus, we must select one of the hierarchical, abusive, and/or monetizing churches, hope it's the “correct” type. Assuming we get this far, so many abusers flock to positions of power in the various churches. If we mess any of that up or if one of his followers messes that up for us... then all the magic love promises go up in smoke.

Jesus could, in innumerable ways, make it clear to every human on earth that he's unquestionably the real deal. Why doesn't he? Churches have driven away as many people as they “save”... why make this the on ramp to salvation? The simplest answer is that humans aggrandized the historical Jesus' story for money and power and modern Churches are just the latest incarnation of the 2000 year old grift.