“[My] Love is not just a thing ... it's also a Person”

In which, it is possible for you to keep your comfort to yourself.

Endless platitudes:

Let My Love be your comfort ... My tender Presence is with you all of the time. ... You can turn to Me for comfort at all times.

God's mostly interested in the comfort of non-Jewish, straight, cis, wealthy, male, white-passing peoples in Western countries (even so, spotty coverage).

You can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort you have received from Me.

The comfort previously described is just religious devotion: think of Jesus, talk to Jesus, look a Jesus' face, think about heaven. Giving religious comfort to people in crisis is shitty. When my daughter died, acquaintances trotted out nonsense like:

She's in a better place:

“Death was the better outcome, if the alternative was living with you”.

God has a plan or Everything happens for a reason:

“Don't feel sad. Jesus really wanted to kill your kid. Your life is a bombed out husk, but that's only bad because you don't understand how smart and loving Jesus is.”

You can come with me to church:

“Are you feeling fragile? My pastor told me that love-bombing vulnerable people is a good way to increase recruitment, retention and revenue.”

To those people I say: Fuck you. Keep that ignorant shit to yourself.

If you actually give a shit, here's the script:

I'm so sorry <insert name>. How are you doing?
<pause for listening>
<continue listening>
<seriously it's not fucking about you, just listen>
<eventually say something nice about the deceased>
<maybe send a hot dish or baked good>

Repeat daily, weekly, monthly, and annually as needed. Show up, don't make them track you down.