”... relax and feel My Life flowing into you.”

In which we aspirate the beauty of God's presence, but would prefer cocaine.

Tell me your troubles [...] let the Light of My Face shine on them [...] Then rest with Me [...] inhaling the beauty of My Presence. You can feel safe and secure in My everlasting arms. [...] let Me ease and relieve your soul. [...] relax and feel My Life flowing into you.

Sarah Young work doesn't try to engage with a person's thinking brain. I suspect that her aim is to induce a vaguely Jesus-themed relaxation state. It reminds me of a guided savasana by a yoga instructor. Both are middle-aged white people, but only Sarah speaks as God.

It strikes me as boring and intellectually fallow, but I don't know the community standards or terminology. So, I forwarded two of the readings to a friend to get a second opinion. He is a practicing Christian, raised in the evangelical tradition. He said the “concept of writing from God's perspective is blasphemous” and “it's dangerous and you should stay away at all costs”. I wouldn't have thought it possible, but I am apparently being generous with Ms. Young.

I have a perfect understanding of [...] everything that concerns you. Tell me your troubles [...] let the Light of My Face [...] illuminate your thinking.

God knows my troubles, why should I repeat them? Sarah Young has re-discovered rubber duck debugging. It's a practice wherein you explain a problem to an inanimate object in detail. The effect is that “teaching a subject forces its evaluation from different perspectives and can provide a deeper understanding.”

A similar effect, achieved by similar means. Sounds like a product of human cognition. No God required.