“Thanking me in all circumstances [...] helps you live more joyfully!”

In which, we thank Jesus for all the turtles.

[...] pray continually. [...] find moment-by-moment pleasure in your relationship with Me. [...] it's possible to be joyful in hope even when you're in the midst of adversity. Give thanks in all circumstances. I encourage you to praise Me for every good thing as soon as you become aware of it. When you are feeling sad or discouraged, it is still a good time to thank me. [...] ponder specific things about Me that delight you.

It's a bazooka joe comic, not enough content to be interesting (or even funny). The various authors of the biblical citations offered by Ms. Young, unsurprisingly, do suggest regular prayer.

Rather than argue the specific overreach of Ms. Young's interpretation, I'd rather address the elephant in the room: behavioural confirmation.

Believers bring to prayer ideas like, “Jesus is good, he loves me, he would never do anything to hurt me”. Praising Jesus for the good while obscuring Jesus' role in the bad, re-enforces the the initial belief. Since the belief reinforces itself, it doesn't depend on Jesus. At least not a Jesus separate from the notional Jesus that lives in believers' mind. It is a self-fulfilling prophesy.