“The gift of My love was indescribably costly”

In which you are horrible, but I love you anyway... unless you don't love me, in which case fuck you.

Your view of me is obscured by your fallen condition. [...] I understand how broken and weak you are: I remember that you are dust.

Today's reading has more negging. The Bible was about ultimatums, Sarah Young is about manipulation.

I endured unspeakable suffering to save you from an eternity of agony. I became sin for you so that in me you might become the righteousness of God.

As a person who's held my dead child my arms, I can tell you with absolute certainty that it fucking sucks. If the pain of God the father is the unspeakable pain, I can tell you that this pain is speakable.

Unlike me, Jesus and God were 100% certain that they'd be high-fiving up in heaven quite soon after Jesus was dispatched. Humans can doubt, be incorrect, and ultimately fail. Our suffering is more profound that the theatrics of divine creatures.

If the unspeakable pain is Jesus' pain... well, Thousands of şehîds have suffered similar violent, tortuous deaths. In Rojava it is said that martyrs don't die. Jesus' hevalan must have felt the same way about him.

It is our duty to continue the liberation in the spirit of our fallen friends. Christians have historically focused much effort on the deification of Christ, construction of hierarchical oppressive structures in his name, and largely failed to fulfill his mission.