“There is no hiding from Me. I know absolutely everything about you.”

In which repetition breeds contempt.

[...] you are Mine—bought with My blood [...] You need to tell yourself this truth over and over, till it seeps into your inner being and changes the way you view yourself.

“Hypnotize yourself into co-dependence with me. Don't bother thinking or analyzing, just talk to Me [Jesus].” Sarah Young is consistent.

In scripture class (Jesuit school) we interpreted bible readings daily. Questions frequently arose. Students work-shopped ideas together. We had access to other interpretations, debate and disagreement. The bible was complicated, but interesting topic of discussion. Counting the Midrash, there's millennia of scholarly research and debate.

My sister inserts Jesus into all of our talks. I have tried to engage with her on context, history, and nuance. I have been met each time by an impenetrable wall of underwhelming ideas:

Sister: Offers up unsolicited Jesus-themed marriage / sexuality opinion

Me: “The Christian opinion on marriage has changed quite a bit over the years. That's a pretty recent interpretation... Jesus only ever directly spoke about marriage in terms of being faithful, a callback to the ten commandments”

Sister: “... in Psalms and Proverbs ... [old testament marriage stuff]” but also “Jesus didn't spread the 10 commandments. That was in Mosiac [sic] law. He came to put an end to the law”

My sister re-discovered Christianity 6 months ago. She believes that the bible is the literal truth. She receives strong feelings directly from Jesus/Holy Spirit that confirms her understanding of the text. So profound is her understanding that she can judge that “Catholicism as [sic] other religions ARE scarring”. She confidently proclaims her faith (pages and pages), but has no interest in listening to other people.

How do you engage with people displaying so much unearned confidence? It's a trope for anarchists, but I have never been more tempted to yell, “READ THEORY!”.