“This love for me is not irrational or whimsical”

In which, rationalizing is not irrational and the New Testament is fanfic.

you love Me without having seem Me. You believe in Me even though you do not see Me. This love for me is not irrational or whimsical. It's a response to My boundless passion for you, dramatically displayed on the cross and verified by My resurrection.

Ms. Young suggests that belief in an unseen savior is rational, because we know Jesus was crucified for us and resurrected. QED.

There is consensus by historians that Jesus was crucified by Pilate. We do not have record of resurrection, aside from the New Testament.

The New Testament is a vast saga, with many protagonists, written over decades. We don't know who wrote the gospels. They don't claim to be eyewitnesses nor do they write in first person. We know that the authors of Mark, Luke and John had access to Matthew; which accounts for the similarities (bordering on plagiarism) between the gospels.

Devoted labour of volunteers, reading and building on each others stories: It's fan fiction. Fanfic often results in high-quality art... but does it favour accuracy? Super-hero Jesus, full of miracles, makes a better summer blockbuster.

Christians believe God ensured the veracity of the gospels. If we plug this back into Sarah Young's statement on rationality: Our belief in God is rational because we have sources that are trustworthy due to our belief in God.

It's as circular an argument as there can be.